Intro to Me 

Currently in college pursuing my B.A in English with a concentration in creative writing…

I hope through this blog I can document my writings and watch as a grow into the writer I know I can become 🙂

My Latest Posts

  • Page 6 // poem #3
    One step forward,And two steps back. It’s a constant tango within myself Three steps forward, And one step back. It’s a constant fight within myself Two steps forward, And three steps back. It’s year after year of looking in the mirror telling myself, “You’re gonna figure this out”. Time after time I persevere. Three stepsContinue reading “Page 6 // poem #3”
  • Page 5 // poem #2
    Compassion. It is breathing in love, And exhaling kindness. It is not just loving thy neighborsIt is praying hate will leave their heart And praying love never leaves yours.
  • Page 4// A podcast to listen to
    Not to keep going on and on about death… but this podcast I listened to this morning was interesting to me because it targeted a lot of what’s been going through my mind. And I love the idea of imagining myself as a centipede with multiple segments and by the end of my life time,Continue reading “Page 4// A podcast to listen to”
  • Page 3 // The Point of No Return
    I am probably crazy. I mean, to some degree I must have a screw loose. That or I’m finally getting my shit together. For the past (let me pause and do some math), 4.5/5 years I have been bouncing between two different life-styles, beliefs, and practices. In the first half of those years, I wasContinue reading “Page 3 // The Point of No Return”
  • Page 2 // poem #1
    You were raised a survivor.Born from the ashesOf a broken women left On her own to figure life Out with a child andA babe. Your blood knows The familiar poison Of addiction and Pain. But it also recalls The taste of triumph. You were raised a survivor.
  • Page 1 // My Thoughts
    Earlier this week I saw a TikTok where a guy posted a video with a quote saying “relax, no one makes it out alive”. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but, when I read that for some reason… I feel an odd sense of reassurance. Something about that quote just soothes myContinue reading “Page 1 // My Thoughts”